DX-peditioning since 1988

Holger, DL7IO started his DXpeditioning in 1988 with activities from the former USSR as a guest operator or DXpedition member with the following callsigns: Y31IO/UZ3, UZ3AWC, UZ9OWD, /UZ9OWM/UJ7K, UJ8JWA, UI8AWA

In 1992 Birgit, now DL7IQ passed her exams for her first license and since that time we went on vacation together. With hindsight this included a lot of interesting trips to the Pacific, Africa and also a lot of small IOTA activities.

As equipment we mostly used our own FT890AT transceiver with a butternut HF9V vertical, dipoles and the homemade reflected W beam in the past years.

For all tours we made since 1992 we used a notebook for the log. Our preferred software is UCXLog (by DL7UCX). It has logbook and contest log with transceiver control, CW via keyboard, maps (great circle or rectangular) with greyline and path shown, great QSL printing facilities and DX-cluster support via Telnet/Internet/packet and many more features. Check it out yourself using this Link.

Being not at DX-pedition but home we live as everybody our everyday life. Luckily we both have jobs as engineers. This enabled us to ask the bank for a loan. We had the chance in the year 2003 to buy an own house which is located in Fichtenwalde near Beelitz (which is near Berlin). There we try to set up a good station as well. Please listen for us.

The family has grown in between the DX-peditions, IOTA and contest activities. This can be seen in the following picture:

Saskia was born 26th of December in 1995 and Xenia on the 22nd of April in 2001.

And now you know why this site is growing so slowly.
Please forgive the author. ;-)

If you are interested in getting more information about our 'small' and 'big' DX-peditions please just click on the respective QSL card on the main page for more details.

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