Amateur Radio Pages

Meanwhile the number of pages has grown and it became hard to navigate through. So we decided to reorganize the amateur radio pages.
There is a major project which is growing slowly: our DX-peditions. We promise to be fast with the update of the current activities but it may take a while to include and update all the old DX-peditions.
Another main part are the antenna pages. As the hexagonal beam is one of Holger's favourites he is also working on quad designs and others like receiving antennas.
The third part we are always working on is station design. We like to contest and even if we have the chance to use a few bigger contest antenna farms, we try to optimize our home setup. We know from the feedback that this is interesting to many of you and so we will continue to show you the development and improvements by commercial and/or homemade equipment.
Here are a few sound files of DX-peditions and may be later the files of own activities.
First weekend in June we had our Region 1 CW Fieldday. I joined DA0CB/p. Please find some photos here.