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Where do we go next ?

We have been in Greece during July/August 2007 and activated Proti Island
which belongs to the very rare group EU-158
This group has been the No. 3 of the European IOTA most wanted list.

The Callsigns used were J48IO, J48M (IOTA Contest) and J48YL.

Proti Island is an uninhabited island with no supplies for anything.
Therefore we had to bring everything onto the island.

The island is difficult or better dangerous to reach and we are happy that we had
no broken bones or other damages. The photo shows Proti seen from the East, from Peloponnes.
The only easy accessable place for a boat is behind the rock on the south side. But the rock is a
few hundred meters high and getting on top means real climbing!
Therefore we desided to land on the north east side

We made about 9.700 QSO's during our 5 days of activity using 2 stations powered by a 5 kW
diesel generator. Transceivers were 2 YAESUs, a FT890AT + 300W and a FT857 + 500 W.
Dunestar bandpass filters were used to prevent hf-interferences and 2 notebooks with
UCX-Log made the logging, contesting and TRCVR-control

QSL route is DK7AO. We prefer bureau cards. An e-mail request is ok to:

the operators:
standing in the back(l-r): DL3ABL-Andrea, DL7IO-Holger, DJ7TO-Olaf, DL7IQ-Birgit,
front row (l-r): DL6MHW-Michael, DL7AU-Holger, DK7AO-Frank, DL1AXL-Katrin

Antennas; in front 80m vertical (20m high), on the left 30/40m vertical (12m high),
left edge and close to the water HF9V Butternut
right side 5 band Hexbeam (20-10m) installed 40m asl.

More information comes soon!