Sassi's Page

I'm Saskia Moana but everybody calls me Sassi.
I was born in Dec. 1995 and finished class 6 last summer.
I'm playing active table tennis and like to hang around with my friends.

As my parents are radio amateurs I am used to the vocabular and I already know a lot of morse code.
My dad has a training callsign DN2JM which can be used by students to work on the radio bands
under his supervision. But to be honest I don't often use this. I made some contacts on 2m within Germany. For short wave I'm to shy because I guess my english is not good enough.

This is me sitting on our station. We have 2 Yaesu radios in the shack and many antennas/towers in the Garden.

But what I really like is skiing. Here we were in the Alps in Austria in Jan. 2005.
I'm the second from right with my mom and some friends.